Navajo artist’s prints available for checkout at EMC

Fine art print

My Story Rock by Shonto Begay

Three prints of renowned Navajo artist Shonto Begay’s works are now available for checkout from the Educational Materials Center. The prints — My Story Rock, Waves over Kayenta and Into the Fourth World — tell stories of Navajo Nation life and spirituality with broken brush strokes and vivid colors.

These prints join the EMC’s collection of more than 2,000 fine art prints which cover the entire history of pictorial art from prehistoric cave paintings to modern photorealism.

Check out what prints the EMC has on its website and catalog at or call 225-4783 or e-mail for more information.

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New Year, New Additions to the Educational Materials Center

Good guys and bad guys battle it out as Lucha Libre masks form the newest part of the

Rey Misterio

One of the Lucha Libre masks of wrestling character Rey Misterio.

Educational Materials Center collection. The five masks can be checked out and used with the bilingual book Lucha Libre: The Man in the Silver Mask. Also new in EMC are copies of Differentiated Instruction for

Social Studies and Differentiated Instruction for Language Arts, multiple copies of Argument-Driven Inquiry in Biology, Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry and a set of K-3 Scholastic Science Brain Bank Boxes, a collection of nonfiction books aimed at building literacy skills while focusing on science.

The EMC is open all year, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with open stacks for in-person browsing and a delivery service that can bring requested materials to all school sites in TUSD. Call 225-4783 or e-mail for more information or check out the EMC website and catalog at

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New Materials at the Educational Materials Center

German Woman in dirndl

CF 6234 German Woman

The EMC’s population of costume figures, life-size figures wearing authentic clothing from cultures around the world, is growing by one as CF 6234 German Woman is added to the collection. Constructed by Betty Reichlein, museum exhibit specialist, the new figure was begun when the department received a donation of a dirndl, a traditional German/Austrian dress. Reichlein hand-builds the EMC costume figures out of layers of tri-wall cardboard reinforced by metal brackets and bolts. CF 6234 German Woman joins the dozens of other costume figures circulated by the EMC including CF 6204 N’debele Woman and CF 7075 Bedouin Man. Check out the figures on the EMC website Call 225-4783 or e-mail to request a figure be delivered to your school.

For all EMC resources check out our online catalogs and materials lists on our website at

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Chinese learn about TUSD fine arts, EMC


Calligraphy banners and samples of Chinese poems written in calligraphy.

Twenty educators from Guangdong Province in southern China made a whirlwind visit this week to Tucson to experience the TUSD Fine and Performing Arts OMA program and arts integration lessons. In addition to visiting school sites and seeing arts integration teaching firsthand, listening to Tucson High mariachis at San Xavier del Bac, they got a tour of the EMC highlighting the EMC’s exhibits, textiles, models and reproductions. As a wonderful gesture, they gave the EMC lovely gifts of calligraphy and a finely carved wood block for holding paper still while it is being worked on and a wooden holder for calligraphy brushes. The amazing calligraphy they gave us included large banner size examples on delicate rice paper embellished with silver and gold accents and smaller calligraphy of poems. We are so grateful to our new Chinese friends. These thoughtful gifts will become exiting new additions to our collection.

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EMC Day of the Dead altar a communal work

… the current view at EMC from my desk.
The altar under construction ….





Sugar skull, paper skull, offerings and mementoes



With the amazing abilities of our curator Ruth Wilson, our Day of the Dead altar is up and with the even more amazing outpouring of creativity from our staff it is decorated with sugar skulls, paper skulls and paper marigolds. We have set up a crafting area in the Reading Room where staff from the building and some people that are just visiting have taken a break to decorate a skull or twist together a paper marigold. People have also shared with us images of their loved ones. We still have plenty of sugar skulls to decorate and paper flower materials left, so if you want, please stop by and do some crafting. And come have some Day of the Dead bread and chocolate with us on Friday, Oct. 31 from 8 a.m. to noon.

Even more exciting, we’ll be keeping the altar up extra long so that a visiting group of Chinese educators who are coming in early November can see it. They are coming here to find out how TUSD teaches Fine Arts and uses multicultural materials.

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Taking time to talk like a pirate about piracy, copyright


Arrggh, mateys! It’s Kate Hipple swashbuckling through libraries!

Leave it up to TUSD’s one and only Kate Hipple, Library Assistant at Dunham and Mission View, to put International Talk Like a Pirate Day (always Sept. 19) to good use. Kate dressed the part, talked the part and taught her library patrons about modern-day intellectual piracy introducing students to the concepts of plagiarism and copyright. One site that does a great job of distilling copyright issues for adults is Cornell University’s Copyright site. A more kid-friendly site is Copyright Kids. But I have to say, no one does kid-friendly like Kate! Her creativity in informing students about library concepts is inspiring.

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Hispanic Heritage Month begins in September

The Bronze Screen DVD

The Bronze Screen: 100 Years of the Latino Image in Hollywood (MP 9178).

Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15 to October 15, celebrates the heritage, culture and contributions of Latino and Hispanic Americans in the United States. The Educational Materials Center collection contains many books, artifacts and culture kits that can help TUSD educators explore Hispanic Heritage including a Chicano Literature Collection of more that 2,400 books that include fiction and non-fiction, picture books and chapter books. Also, available for checkout are EMC culture kits the Ancient Aztec, Maya & Inca (CK 4690), Central America (CK 7899), Day of the Dead (CK 7994), Honduras (CK 7060), Maya of Guatemala (CK 4620), Peru (CK4616), Puerto Rico/Taine (Ck 7981) and Spain & Portugal (CK 4624). In our VHS and DVD collection, educators can check out the recently added “The Bronze Screen: 100 Years of the Latino Image in Hollywood” (MP 9178) which traces the image of Latinos on the Silver Screen through rare footage and interviews with Hollywood stars such as Rita Hayworth, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, John Leguizamo, Dolores del Rio, Jose Ferrer and Cheech Marin.

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Collection Additions

EMC adds items to its collection throughout the year. The best way to find out what’s new is to check out the list on the EMC newsletter. The newsletter, which comes out every other month, includes news, an upcoming events calendar, and a list and description

Elizabeth I: The People's Queen a new book available at the EMC.

“Elizabeth I: The People’s Queen” a new EMC book includes activity suggestions for teachers.

of all additions to the collection. Among additions to the collection in September are DVD series about the art and architecture and ancient trade routes of the Arab world, Multicultural Math: Hands-On Math Activities From Around the World, and Elizabeth I: The People’s Queen, a resource and history book. Digital copies of the newsletter are available and archived on the EMC intranet
website at

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Free, online multicultural education journal

E 1564 A 7700

Exhibit E 1564 Guatemalan Deer Mask made of wood.

Need a stack of Russian nesting dolls? How about a Guatemalan deer mask? EMC provides thousands of artifacts teachers can use as visual and tactile prompts for teaching about world cultures. But if you want to keep up on the theory and research related to multicultural education, a great resource is the International Journal of Multicultural Education. This peer-reviewed, open-access (this means you can access its contents for free) journal publishes three times a year and includes issues of scholarship in the area of multicultural education as well as book, art and media reviews. Check out this resource at

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Let the EMC take you around the world

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Welcome to the Educational Materials Center blog. The EMC, as is it is often called, is a library embedded in the heart of the Tucson Unified School District designed to be a resource for faculty and staff and to support their … Continue reading

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